“Inmates” Review



Photo cred: walkingdeadcast.com

Now, on to the others. We saw last week what Rick and Carl were up to, with the knocking on the house door, and Rick saying, “It’s for you.” to Carl. With last week’s midseason premiere ending on an interesting note, this episode ended with big ramifications in place going forward. You know that old saying “jumping from the frying pan into the fire?” Well in this case, it could be for the best. Starting from the beginning of the episode, we are narrated about the aftermath of the prison assault by Beth, who currently only has Daryl to rely on to survive. Thinking back to the end of the season premiere episode, “30 Days Without An Accident”, Beth is told by Daryl of her current boyfriend’s fate, resulting in her partner’s death. Daryl, clearly shaken by Zach’s death, is definitely disturbed, while Beth is almost a new person, simply moving on since she believes she has to and that now it is part of everyday life. Here, we sort of see that side come back. Very different then possibly almost the whole series, Daryl is again very shellshocked, more than the season premiere. The only other times we’ve possibly seen him like this was while looking for Sophia (especially after) and maybe after his brother’s death. It probably is more noticeable now since with just him and Beth, you would think he would step up for her. However, it seems like he has given up. He clearly has a connection to this group now, even the prison since for one thing he may have felt comfortable and safe for once while there. Now with the prison gone, the group separated, he looks to be done. Beth, though, is the one trying to help Daryl overcome his grief and to continue on. She is telling him to keep hoping, to keep surviving. This switch in characteristics is very interesting, leading to questions ahead. Onto Tyreese, the reveal of him taking Judith is a factor I kept thinking about. How they revealed that was quite good, showing him walking from his backside to showing him holding Judith. The one point I approve of is not making this a HUGE, EPISODE ENDING, even though they did in a way leave her fate hanging in the midseason finale. It’s good that they did not put so much emphasis on what happened to her for an episode ending sequence. Not that I don’t care, she’s an interesting factor in this new world, but you shouldn’t have the weight of an entire episode based on what happened to her. So a good thing for them now to show us that she is okay, giving us a sigh of relief during this hectic time. One huge scene that stayed with me after was when Lizzie was trying to quiet Judith from crying while walkers were nearby. Lizzie proceeds to cover Judith’s mouth. As her cries continue, you see the expression on Lizzie’s face as almost evil, not only possibly enjoying this but now looking like she’s trying to stop Judith from breathing. Honestly, this scene did bother me, not that it was bad, but just seeing this unfold was possibly more disturbing than any walker. Seeing how unpredictable this show can be regarding the adaption of the comic book is actually a good thing. As much as I want an adaption straight from the comics, twisting and changing some elements is unexpected and can lead to newer and bigger storylines, as long as it is again not something that will go completely against what does happen (example again, the death in the end of the S3 finale). Simply, I definitely will keep an eye on Lizzie, since it can say that she can be labeled as a “psychopath” which is accurate in a sense, I think it just something to follow and then determine. She killed those rabbits earlier; she shot Tara’s girlfriend, and possibly more to come. An early comparison of her now to Carl in points of Season 3 into Season 4, including when Carl shoots the teen from Woodbury in cold blood. What the difference between Lizzie and Carl is the latter seems to know he cannot be like a machine and just kill. Now onto Carol stumbling onto Tyreese and the two girls, it confuses me how this would happen. Especially the fact one of the girls even says something along the lines of “I wish Carol was here.” And then Carol appears to save the day! Although a good return to save them from the walkers when it looked like it was over for the survivors, what is the likelihood of her being there when the girl says this? To counter that, I believe Carol says she was nearby the prison during the assault, so it seems like she was lurking after Rick kicking her out. What probably worried Carol was the fact if Tyreese knew if Carol burned Karen’s body, but seeing them in danger caused her to act and save them. So what makes me curious is how Carol and Tyreese work together while one knows a secret of what happened to Karen. Next, the outcome of how Maggie, Sasha, and Bob are shown, them together after the downfall of the prison. The important element to come out of this is Maggie’s search for Glenn. They all go to the bus, where Maggie, along with Sasha and Bob, kill all the walkers to see if Glenn is in there. At one point, Maggie goes in the bus to kill a walker that seems to resemble Glenn? It looked like it was too, resulting in Maggie crying but almost happy to see he is not on the bus, and somewhere else, possibly alive. We transition to Glenn, who is at the prison, destroyed, and alone. Looking for Maggie, he decides to gather any supplies left, puts on riot gear, and goes off. A cool part of the camera being under the riot helmet and in Glenn’s point of view, with scratches and walkers coming at the screen. When about to leave, he sees Tara, the sister of Lilly, still alive and clearly scared as she is hiding in the behind the enclosed fence. As he says it later, Glenn needs her, really needs anyone at this point to help him find Maggie. In Tara’s case, her girlfriend and her own sister just died and is just not sure of what to do. So seeing Glenn, who she knows was a part of the prison group, does relieve her as she too just simply needs someone to follow. Now to my favorite part of the whole episode, when Glenn seems to be knocked out, and she kills a walker, she turns to be yelling at something (only seeing her face in the process). We are revealed to a rather large guy with a black mullet and a walkie talkie in one hand, a sexy woman of Latin descent who look tough, and finally a well built, red haired man who looks to be from the military. The latter is quite important and huge in regards to story, as even anyone who is not familiar with the comics this is new and unexpected. For someone who read them, this is AWESOME. Either way, anyone can tell big things are coming. The man who seems to be in charge, Sgt. Abraham Ford, is/will/should be a HUGE character going forward. From the comics, my favorite characters are Tyreese and Abraham, due to their unique, deep characters. More likely, Abraham is my top since there is so much to him than meets the eye. What caught my attention to was again the EXACTNESS of comparisons to the comic. Although their arrival is somewhat similar but very different. If you compare the last camera shot with the new three characters to The Walking Dead Issue #53 where they are first introduced, you can see almost the same elements! Down to their poses/positions, costumes (very well done and accurate), their appearances is probably the most accurate looking, as it was known show runner Scott M. Gimple wanted them to look like their comic counterpart. This way the episode ended was quite good to me, maybe not one who read the comics, but going forward this is significant. The format of the episode was interesting, as it looked to be out of order which I did favor, with the concept of seeing where everyone is now was what we needed to see and show how and what will happen. The suspense was high for each character, not knowing what would happen, and making you feel scared for them since they are all not together. Certainly this episode was good, better than last week, with a good way of reintroducing the rest of the group and where each was, leading to how Abraham will shake things up.


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